Keeping It together

A new web series created, written and starring Kate Fenton.


"Keeping it Together" is a web series created by Kate Fenton about a fiercely independent single mom juggling her first year of law school, a night-time security job and three kids from three different dads.

After three failed marriages, a toddler, a first grader and a thankless teenager to show for it, an urban blue collar mom, living in downtown Toronto is bettering herself in Law School. But her latest Ex-husband Jack, an arrogant cardiologist in his 50’s, is starting a new life with his nurse mistress and won’t pay child support.

Unable to pay her bills Kit dodges University Admissions. After a whacky action packed chase scene in which Kit, in true line-backer style, sacks the strong butch like security guard ‘Patty’, Kit is forced to take a job with University Security.  Struggling to be the mom she should be, while making a life for herself and her kids, Kit becomes even more dependent on her eldest daughter Jennifer, a 16 year old musical genius and Jennifer’s dad the taxi driving, cover band singing, (“I have no ambition”) Gary.

‘Keeping It Together’ is a fast paced, quirky ensemble dramedy about family and ambition and the struggle to keep it all together.  Featuring the Toronto Based actress Kate Fenton and original music and performances, this show is sure to make you laugh out loud and touch your heart.