Workshops, residencies, audition prep...I do it all!

I believe that the arts contribute directly to the development of ones sense of self worth, self-esteem, confidence, the ability to express and communicate ideas and thoughts and to discover new aspects of oneself. My passion for theatre and education is strong and continues to grow with every passing year. Especially as I expand my own family I see enormous value in the arts.

In 2005 I completed my Master of Fine Arts in Acting from York University. Since then I have been busy working as a freelance artist and educator.  I have worked with several companies and schools including Young People’s Theatre (YPT), Prologue for The Arts, Shakespeare In Action (SIA), Workman Arts, University of Toronto Schools, 4-H Clubs of Saskatchewan, Parks and Recreation of Ontario and the Directors Cut. I can design, facilitate, direct, teach and coach a variety of theatre programs (classes, workshops, productions, scenes/monologues, and audition preparation), study guides and teaching manuals.

Pedagogically speaking, my focus is always on developing autonomy for teachers and students in arts programming, encouraging ensemble building and positive collaboration and ultimately inspiring a love of the arts and literature. Artistically, I am very story oriented and I love to create work with the students generated from their own ideas and their own perspective. 


As a Resident Artist Educator at YPT I designed and facilitated a variety of workshops, programs and courses including:

  • Short Film Making for Teens 

  • The Junior Ensemble for grades 7/8 

  • A workshop presentation of Hamlet for the Senior Ensemble grades 11/12

  • Audition Techniques for Grades 7-12.

  • Workshops in movement and physical theatre, rituals, fairytales, language arts and poetry and character development.

For Shakespeare In Action I co-facilitated an Eight-week residency at Derrydown Public School that culminated in a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream with 120 students from 4 different grade 3/4 classes.

As a SIA artist educator I have facilitated:

  • Pre-show workshops with grade 9-12 classes 

  • Summer camp programs for 7-12 year olds

  • Professional development drama workshops for teachers

  • Saturday afternoon literacy program using Shakespeare for children 6 and up.

I can be reached at


Directing the Journey 2016: A Living History of the Revitalization of Regent Park

Directing the Journey 2016: A Living History of the Revitalization of Regent Park